We manufacture fiberglass dustbin according to requirement of our customers. A waste container is a container for temporarily storing waste, and is usually made out of metal or plastic. Some common terms are dustbin,[1] garbage can, and trash can. The words “rubbish”, “basket” and “bin” are more common in British English usage; “trash” and “can” are more common in American English usage. “Garbage” may refer to food waste specifically (when distinguished from “trash”) or to municipal solid waste in general. In 1875, the first household rubbish bins were introduced in Britain to create a regulated system of collection.

The materials we throw can be of the following types.

1.  The waste from kitchen – the organic waste from cooking.  This can be biodegradable and gas can be produced from it.

  1. A bin for glass materials.  The glass bottles can be crushed, melted and new bottles can be manufactured.

3.  Plastic :  these materials can be crushed , melted and used for making new bottles or tins.

  1. Paper –  these can be crushed , made in to pulp, purified and new paper can be made from them.
  2. Rubber – these can be crushed and oils can be manufactured..
  3. Tin (or aluminum) cans – Cans of beverages like coke or juices.  These are crushed, melted and used for manufacturing of new cans.