FRP cooling towers fan blades


FRP cooling towers fan blades are our one of very spatial product which we made as per your requirement. Our core object is to repair your cooling towers fan blades at your site.

We have facility to repair fiberglass cooling towers fan blades for your existing equipment at your location. FRP is a common structural material for smaller cooling towers. FRP also known for its high corrosion -resistance capabilities. Fiberglass is stronger and more flexible than concrete, a real concern for those cooling towers located in areas that suffer earthquakes.FRP is more resistant to earthquakes then concrete and any inspections done after an earthquake can be quickly .

pre engineered buildings


We design and pre engineered buildings manufacturer steel or metal building and all kinds of , warehouse, factory, barn, workshop, house, steel building home, steel structure building, pre engineered steel building, steel frame building, prefabricated steel building sale, pre engineered metal building, building steel structure, light steel frame building, steel structure industrial building. We are steel building fabricator.

1) Main Steel: Q345 and Q235
2) Column & Beam: Welded or Hot rolled H-section
3) Connection method of steel structure: welding connection or bolt connection
4) Wall & Roof: EPS, Rockwool, PU sandwich, corrugated steel sheet
5) Door: Rolled up door or Sliding door
6) Window: Plastic steel or Aluminum alloy window
7) Surface: Hot dip galvanized or painted
8) Crane: 5MT, 10MT, 15MT, etc.
Engineering Design Software:
AutoCAD, PKPM, MTS, 3D3S, Tarch,Tekla Structures(Xsteel)V12.0.etc

FRP Electrical Enclosure


FRP ELECTRICAL ENCLOSURE are lightweight, compact, light weight easy to move and rust proof product. Available in a choice of two body styles. They are Chemical resistant boxes. Which mostly use at refineries and gas plants. Non conductive, impact resistant and UV resistant. Can be drills and punches ease and accuracy. Smooth surface, no color variations, swirls or color pockets, no voids. All fiberglass electrical enclosures can be easily modified as per customer’s specifications and need.

For more details contact us. We will be happy to serve you as per your need and guide you the best as per our knowledge.

FRP ducting systems


FRP ducting systems are High mechanical strength. They are also in Lightweight if we compare with steel ducts. FRP ducting are exceptional chemical resistance properties. Also have excellent resistance to ageing and to atmospheric environments. Excellent resilience as regards temperature.Low thermal expansion coefficient. They have 90° Elbow with internal vanes. Also have segmented elbows.Transition pieces, Ladders and condensate drainage, Protection against electrostatic discharge.

The resin used shall be of a commercial grade. Reinforcing Material The reinforce materiel shell be commercial grade of fiberglass having a suitable bond with fiberglass.Laminate – The laminate shall consist of an inner surface, a first and second interior layer, an exterior layer, and an exterior gel coat.



STEEL STRUCTURE MANUFACTURER Karachi for both industrial and commercial use, for factory complexes, retail buildings and car showrooms.

STEEL STRUCTURE MANUFACTURERS technique with a “skeleton frame” of vertical steel columns and horizontal I-beams, constructed in a rectangular grid to support the floors, roof and walls of a building which are all attached to the frame. The development of this technique made the construction of the skyscraper possible.

The rolled steel “profile” or cross section of steel columns takes the shape of the letter “I”. The two wide flanges of a column are thicker and wider than the flanges on a beam.

electroplating frp tanks


ASKARI FIBERGLASS have range of electroplating frp tanks. Which are consisting of MS, MS-FRP MS-PVC PVC-FRP  PP-FRP etc. Our valuable customers can also find Properly designed & carefully manufactured tanks give long maintenance free life. Customers can buy these product in our webshop. Our quality supervisor checks the quality for manufactured tanks.

We also make fiberglass tanks and dual laminate tanks. We can also customized our tanks according to various corrosive environments through the use of different types of resins. Such as isothalic or vinyl ester, and are available with many optional features.

Tanks are available in different shapes like vertical horizontal capsule shape



fiberglass roof rainwater gutters


We are manufacture of fiberglass roof rainwater gutters in Karachi We also deliver to other cities like Sukkur Baden larkana .We make FRP roof rain water gutters along with MS support brackets are available in various sizes & are used in most of the industries.

There are many advantages of these gutters as below :
• Good corrosion resistance due to inherent raw material constituents.
• Light in weight & easy to install.
• No atmospheric effects of water.
• No maintenance.
• Designed such that man can walk through it , if cleaning is required.
• Standard fitting viz. stop ends & drop ends nozzles are also arranged.
• Available in various shapes & sizes.
• Special services of installation can be arranged.